The wetsuit brand your kids want to wear

Saltskin Zebra Kid waterproof robe


Waterproof poncho to keep your little Zebra warm. It comes in 2 sizes

- 5 to 9 years old

- 10 to 14 years old

The outer is 100% Nylon and the inner 100% Polyester

Size Height (cm) Length (cm)
Shoulder to back of hem
Body Change Space (width) (cm) Sleeve Length (short) (cm)
Kids XS 5-9 Years Up to 134cm 85cm 66cm 42cm
Kids S 10-14 Years 135 - 164 cm 99cm 75cm 54cm
Adult S/M Up to 173cm 111cm 80cm 58cm
Adult L/XL Up to 188cm 116cm 85cm 58cm