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Saltskin Wetsuit Care Instructions

With the correct maintenance you will gain the maximum life from your wetsuit.

Always put on and take off your wetsuit with care (this is the most common cause of failure)
When removing the wetsuit do not pull ends of sleeves or legs to remove.
Do not force the zip. If possible get someone to pull up the zip up for you. Pull the zip up not across.
After use always rinse your wetsuit in clean cool water and allow to drip dry, in a cool shady place.
Do not use solvents or other chemicals to clean your wetsuit.
Do not use in chlorinated environments (pools or spas)
Do not hang your wetsuit by a coat hangar from the shoulders.
Always hang your wetsuit by folding at the waist and hanging the wetsuit out of direct sunlight.
Do not tumble dry or iron.
Excessive heat can cause material delamination and breakdown of the rubber.
Please pay particular attention to remove any sand and other foreign matter from zips.
Do not use solvents or other chemicals to remove stains or marks from your wetsuit as this can cause damage.
Protect your wetsuit from sharp or abrasive objects at all times.
Keep away from fire.